Sunday, March 13, 2016

Health in America - A Nation in Crisis

As a whole, Americans are not very healthy

  • 80 Million people have some form of heart disease (American Heart Association)
  • 1 in 3 women will have cancer in her lifetime (National Cancer Institute)
  • 1 in 2 men will have cancer in his lifetime (National Cancer Institute)
  • 64% of Americans are overweight (CDC)
  • 60% of adults do not engage in any vigorous physical activity (CDC)

Our children are in jeopardy too!

  • 1 in 4 children are obese (International Journal of Obesity)
  • Nearly half of obese kids turn into obese adults (International Journal of Obesity)
  • Around 7% of children miss over 11 days of school each year (CDC)

There is something we can do though

These numbers are our wake-up call!  We all know the basics of how to actually fix this... 
  • Don't use tobacco products!
  • Exercise more!
  • Eat better!
  • Stop having so many chemicals that we are exposed to!

Tobacco usage

There are many excellent methods on the market that will help you to quit smoking.  Personally, I used a vape pen for about two years, and worked my  nicotine level down to zero.  Now I only hit the pen when I am really feeling the need... and I'm not getting any nicotine!

Smoking is the NUMBER ONE preventable health concern in the country.  It's our decision to take back our bodies.  In life, it is not a race to the finish line!  Ironically, smoking is the best training for a race to the finish line of life...  

Those of us who have either tried to quit, or have managed to quit know the stress related with quitting such a harmful habit.  Luckily, Young Living offers a whole host of items that can help with the stress of quitting, and myriads of products that will help detox you that much faster to help you kick the cravings once and for  all!  Click here to check out my online store.


As for exercise more, the sheer health benefits of elevating your heart rate every day are startling!  Even the beginning stages of type II diabetes can be reversed with this simple process.  Rates of depression are much lower in people who elevate their heart rate at least five times a week...  

Elevating your heart rate isn't as terrible as it sounds.  If you can get your heart rate up above about 140 beats per minute, and keep it there for ten to fifteen minutes, you'll have done more for yourself than anything else you can imagine.  To do this, I will ride my bike for twenty to thirty minutes, or turn on a dancing game on the Wii.  

If you make it a habit to go to the gym, you'll soon discover that just going to the gym can be fun and rewarding.  Personally I shoot to spend no more than 60 minutes at the gym, and that includes 30 minutes of cardio!  Audio books are my friend at the gym.  I check them out on my phone using a library app, and listen to them at double speed while I work out.  It's hard to remember how long you've been on the elliptical when the book you are engrossed in is reaching a climax!

Essential oils have become part of my exercise regiment.  Peppermint oil in my coffee makes for an exciting morning beverage that wakes me up and gets me going!  When I'm at the gym I make sure to have some lemon oil for my water, and afterwards I use Panaway to revitalize my skin and refresh my soul! Click here to check out my online store.

Eat better

This one is actually quite fun.  A few years back, my wife and I bought a light and healthy cookbook from the fine folks over at America's Test Kitchen, and that changed the way we make many of our staples.  The nice thing about this cookbook is that they really do not sacrifice flavor for any reason.  Therefore, some of the recipes are a little more "less healthy" but it's still better to eat something that is healthier that you actually want to eat then to choke down some cardboard recipe that managed to strangle all the flavor out of the meal.

If you take up gardening, you'll find that eating more vegetables is quite rewarding... when you grow them.  During the long dark months called winter, a simple supplement can do wonders for mood and health by providing the necessary vitamins and minerals our bodies need to operate at their full capacity.

World governments have spent BILLIONS trying to find a cure for all that ails us, to no avail.  Currently we have a health care system that is all about treating the symptoms, but not attacking the root cause.  Sure your doctor may tell you to eat better and exercise more as she writes out a prescription for a drug that is only necessary because you don't exercise enough and have a deep love affair with red meat.

By adding a few essential oils to your dietary plans, you can help regulate your digestion, add essential vitamins and minerals to food you're going to eat anyways, and help your body enter a more calm and relaxed state that allows us to be our very best! Click here to check out my online store.

Limit chemicals

Read the ingredients on your tooth paste... that alone is enough for some people to search far and wide for an alternative to brushing your teeth with harmful chemicals. 

When you are standing in the aisle of cleaning supplies, do you ever begin to panic?  They offer different cleaning products for almost everything in your house!  It's odd, because you really only need a small handful of cleaners.  A disinfectant spray for your countertops; laundry detergent; glass cleaner; wood polish; shampoo; and soap...

Luckily you can replace EVERY last item on the previous list with very inexpensive alternatives you can make for a few cents on the bottle!  Throw in some of your favorite smelling essential oils and suddenly you have some of the healthiest alternatives to being bombarded by chemicals every step of the way.  Click here to check out my online store.

Does it ever bother you that we buy so many one use containers, and when we are done, we just throw them away?  We complain about the price of gas at the pump, but throw petroleum based products into our landfills at epic rates.  This is not sustainable!  Not only are we spending a fortune on stuff we can make at home... we are creating a serious problem with our landfills in this country.

The Thieves line from Young Living has some of the most powerful cleaners on the market, and you can rest assured that you aren't destroying the environment in the process!  With their cleaners, you aren't going to be worried when your fourteen month old son starts to lick the counter you just wiped off...  I may or may not speak with some authority on this last point.

Living better is better

I have yet to hear of anyone that complained about feeling better.  I don't know too many folks that would frown at living a few years longer and getting that chance to meet the latest addition to the family because of some groundwork they put in years earlier.  Click here to check out my online store.

Putting in a few simple changes now can pay dividends for years to come!