Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to Make Chalkboard Paint

Making Chalkboard Paint is a seriously good time for many household projects.  Personally, I think a wall painted with the blackest of black chalkboard paint would be perfect in my brewery!

There are many other places and uses for chalkboard paint, and with a coat or two, you can turn something that is mostly useless into a fun thing for family and friends.

Here's just a few uses I can think of off the top of my head!  Let me know if you got anything else you'd like to use in the comments.

  • Paint a bar top for doodling and provide a bowl of chalk
  • Turn an entire wall of a kids room into something fun
  • Homeschoolers can make their own blackboard for teaching
  • Brewery wall to record exactly what is on tap
  • Small easel for taking pictures with
  • a breadboard sign for events on your street
These are just a few uses for this versatile recipe.  It was shared multiple times on Pinterest, and Martha Stewart has written about a billion uses on her website.  LifeHaker has used the paint in a variety of projects, and a home office could always use a calendar wall like Martha Stewart proposed...

1 cup paint - acrylic, any color, but darker colors work best
2 tablespoons grout

Mix evenly...  Make as much as you need.

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